quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2011

The game is over

At a time when I close my journey of more than 30 years in the Brazilian Army, and I have the opportunity to say a few words , I want to start by saying that I lived here, the happiest and the most rewarding moments of my professional and personal life until the present time.

When I entered the military career (and permit me include Military College of Fortaleza where I joined 11 years old), was engaged in some personal goals to be achieved and gladly see them all reached and some even exceeding expectations .Remember the last two sentences of the song my dear College "Our ideal is don't be tired of fighting. Forward at all costs."

Just over 11,480 days lived in the cities of Fortaleza, Resende, São Gabriel, Rio de Janeiro, Alegrete Picos ,Grajau, Porto Franco, Santa Maria, Sao Paulo and Brasilia could complete many accomplishments at that moment fills me with pride and satisfaction . Serving our valiant army I can stay in all states of our federation And some friendly nations everywhere I have always been received as a sun, I created roots, planted seeds and harvested the delicious fruits of labor.

I conclude today, another step of my life and I take great pride in the satisfaction of duty done and a lot of new friends won. Today, despite the emotion I feel, I can already conclude that I lived a rich experience of revelation and human and professional growth. Therefore, the greatest feeling I have is to express the gratitude to all who interacted on this journey.

The God - the beginning and end of all things, thanks for the gift of life, through my father Cel Sales- who ascended - and my mother Mary, thank God, still on this plane - I was given the opportunity to be here with you today healthy and living with my sisters Marieta and Herbene

I thank all my commanders from yesterday and today by the attention, understanding, friendship, dedication, professional competence and essential support that I have always been distinguished.

Thank you for your dedication and selflessness, and the duty of my subordinates and peers. Give my regards to each of the comissioned or non-comissioned officers, and civil who lead or serve along side by side, shoulder to shoulder. I witnessed their tireless dedication . You give me the word of friendship and encouragement, discipline conscious and the spontaneous and correct advice. You all honored me to stay with you. When i looked all and recognize their value, renew my belief in the institution in the Brazilian Army and our beloved Brazil.

To the many friends of the society in many cities that welcomed me, I appreciate the courtesy, friendliness, consideration, cooperation and efficiency in several occasions that we live ,soon we will be together again for sure.

My tribute to the retired oficcers , for friendship and support received, their constant presence and teachings were the incentive for the preservation of the great traditions of our Army.

For my always beloved wife Nubia Helena - personal choice and commitment for all life - I apreciate the affection, love, attention, care, counseling and companionship at all hours and options that together we build.

My beloved daughters Maria Helena and Maria Eduarda for the support, dedication, enthusiasm, friendship and beauty, that teach me only a great love can produce great achievements, you are my greatest treasure and assurance of eternal life, even after the final hour my genes will be alive in your guard.

Admiring everyone that is here and in the minds of many who could not be here, I notice that the exercise of this noble career allowed me to add a legion of new friends. Therefore, the feeling that surrounds me is not so much the removal or loss, but reaffirmed, appreciation and gratitude. I'll be available to everyone in my new commission as president of the Center for Informatics and Automation of the State of Santa Catarina. It is a new challenge for which I was with the same compromise and enthusiasm. "Come on the time of departure" in the example of St. Paul "fought the good fight, finished the race, kept the faith." I was born into a military family, I was a child, teenager and adult in the ranks of our army, have 48 years of age 37 one of them wearing uniforms of our uniform policy, as said by General Octavio Costa.

"The uniform is .... another skin that adheres to our soul, forever irreversible."

Many thanks to all who have honored me with their friendship and personal or spiritual presence.

God bless us!

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